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MICONEX International Exhibition 
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Since 1983, MICONEX been successfully held for 25 sessions, participate in the activities of the count has more than 40 countries and regions, thousands of businesses, tens of thousands of scientists and exhibition audience of more than 50 million people. MICONEX instrumentation circles at home and abroad to build a long-term stable exchange large platform.
Miconex As the lead in establishing a market-oriented, one academic, scientific and technological expertise led international exhibition activities, from the beginning of the founder in order to promote China's "manufacturing power" strategy for the subject, to play its more than 30 years, "leading technology, support industry to promote the advantages of communication and service enterprises ", in Beijing, Shanghai and two alternate performances, a strong impetus to the development of measurement and control instrumentation science and industry, and enhance the overall strength of China's instrument industry manufacturing.
With the adjustment of the national development strategy, China has entered a rapid development of the extensive expansion of the original type of shift to innovation-driven, high quality, heavy-effective high-speed development of the "new normal", Miconex strategic layout will also seize the opportunity to turn our country Western Region.

Welcome to the new and old customers come visit to visit!

Ningbo KIO Flowmeter Instrument Co., Ltd. (Yuyao Zhenxing Flowmeter Instrument Factory ) Booth: 1A185 time
Exhibition: Year 2015 9 22 - 25
Dismantling: 25 September 2015
Location Chongqing International Expo Center
Address: Chongqing North Road 66 Panda